Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sharks are everywhere!

My son Maxwell is serious about sharks. This crazy obsession is taking over our house. Every discussion starts off with sharks or ends up about sharks. This boy sees sharks in everything. His dream is to feed sharks and tame them and not just any old shark it has to be a great white shark. If he could watch Jaws everyday he would and there are days he's watched it and asked to watch it a second time and being a very supportive mother I've let him. Until about 8 months ago he was all about trains and travel town but now he's forgotten about trains and his room that's decorated in nothing but trains just isn't cool anymore. We really do love his obsession for sharks but it does make me wonder what the next obsession for him will be...race cars? mountain climbing? tattoos? sky diving? grind core? one could only hope.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Shark Themed Birthday Party

Maxwell's shark themed birthday party was a great success. About 2 months before the party I scoured the internet in search of anything & everything shark related. I found some great stuff on Oriental Trading Co, Amazon & Shindigz. Chris and I also visited the Toy District downtown LA and found some great party favors for the kids to take home. I ordered the bounce house from Magic Jump Rental and the tables and chairs from A Rental Connection.

I placed butcher paper on the kids table with glass bowls that held crayons, bubbles, plastic sea creatures, gummy sharks, goldfish snacks and party snaps.
The shark fins were tons of fun only wished I had ordered more of those. Plastic blow up sharks were fun too! The kids ended up bringing them into the bounce house for even more fun. Found a huge cut out of a shark for pictures and a shark banner wishing Maxwell a Happy Birthday.

The menu was pretty simple and yummy too - crockpot mac n cheese, pigs in a blanket, mini sandwiches, salads and KFC because who doesn't love KFC? okay maybe vegetarians.
The cake was made by Porto's bakery in Burbank.

This was a huge party for us because all of Maxwell's friends from his kindergarten class were invited along with all of our family and closest friends. I knew he'd be overloaded on gifts so I had asked his classmates to donate in Maxwell's name to Sea Shepherd. Sadly thousands of sharks are killed each year for their fins alone and thrown back into the water to die on the ocean floor. Maxwell's dream is to someday swim with the sharks. We were glad so many parents responded very generously with donations.

This was a fabulous party and I'm so glad Maxwell enjoyed because I really did!

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