Saturday, August 8, 2009


One day while driving to my friends house in South Pasadena I found an antique store and it called to me "come in, you'll find everything in here". So I went it (didn't want to disappoint him) and found EVERYTHING. That store was and is so jam packed with stuff you can hardly walk thru to the other end. I'd love to spend a week cleaning it out and reorganizing it plus I'd keep all the good stuff for myself! Well on this first trip to the antique store I didn't get very far when I spied this sweet little white porcelain owl. I fell in love with him and had to have him so I brought him home.  Next thing I know I'm looking at owls everywhere I go but not buying any of them because none of them spark my interest until I saw this large white pitcher at a bakery/wine tasting room in Los Olivos. It was our wedding day and we were heading up to Cambria but we wanted to stop and do a little wine tasting...can't drive passed Los Olivos without wine can we? Well I don't want to find out!  So that was the second owl and still not really a collection until last weekend at the PCC flea market and there they were those owl bookends reaching out to me and so my husband asked the man how much and to my surprise a fair price at $25.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is don't listen to antique stores. 

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