Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm half Mexican and I'd say I love Mexican food but not like my very white meat eating husband. Chris could eat Mexican food everyday of the week if you let him. He knows all the best taco joints around our area. During the 21 day vegan diet we made vegan tacos. Tacos are a must for Chris weekly but vegan tacos? what the heck!?! Chris has wanted to make fresh tortillas for some time. A good start for the vegan tacos was buying a tortilla press and masa. Making fresh tortillas is so simple and so freakin' awesome that you wonder why you've lived with store bought forever.
tequila sours - tequila, lemon juice and simple syrup
handmade tortillas - masa and water - too simple
soy rizo - you can find this at Trader Joe's
fried corn - take 2 cups of frozen corn place in small frying pan w/ a pat of butter and fry up add s&p to taste
can of black beans
avocado salsa - which is basically all the ingredients for guacamole but chopped instead of mashed.

Cooking with my husband is so romantic. We work really well in the kitchen together and I'd say that's a good way to know you've got a solid relationship.
Chris loves this meal and we'll be making it tonite :-)

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