Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Eggs

Time to decorate eggs!  This was always a good time in our house. Mom would buy the Paas Egg Decorating Kit and we'd go at it.  Now it's Max's turn to try some egg decorating. Bought a dozen white eggs.  We boiled the eggs which seems easy enough but it's never been very easy for me. Four of the eggs cracked in the boiling water so I boiled 4 of our brown eggs and just figured those would be well, interesting.  Our supplies were:
Paas Egg Decorating Kit 
Acrylic Paints
Aluminum foil
Rubber Cement
Max was happy with the traditional Paas decorating but I wanted something a little different so I went for the acrylic paint and poured some in the aluminum foil. I crumbled up the aluminum to get the paint spread out and put my egg in and wrapped it up. When I opened the foil there was a very pretty marbled egg. I did about 6 this way and then went back added some glitter to a couple of them and then some rubber cement to a couple others. The rubber cement I let stay on the egg and dry a bit and then dipped in the Paas dye. The effect was different and something to experiment with in the future.  I didn't let it dry long enough but it still took on a neat splattered look. The great thing about egg decorating is you can't really mess up. 


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