Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheese Fondue Night

For a couple of years now my pal Gina and I have been wanting to go for fondue but haven't found the time.  So we decided to do it ourselves. Last Christmas Gina gave me a fondue pot and cookbook and we finally put it to good use.  We went with a Cheshire Cheese and Ale recipe mostly because it looked the easiest and there were a lot of dipping options. Gina and I got all ingredients from Whole Foods. We dipped cauliflower, pearl onions, potatoes, bread, sausage, pears and apples.  Served with a sparkling wine from Cougar winery in Temecula and a Pinot Noir from Hook & Ladder Winery.  We cranked our 8trk and enjoyed our feast! 



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