Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hot Boots!

Okay, a couple of weeks ago the man said "let's do whatever you want to do today darling" and I said "hell yes!" so we headed for Santa Monica. We visited a flea market where he found a Stetson (not pictured) for 40 bux and then headed for lunch at Enterprise Fish Co. to have my fave LOBSTER BISQUE and I capitalize this because it should be on a marque. There is a lovely puff pastry you have to break thru to the yummy-ness with a hint of sherry in every bite. This dish for me is always accompanied by a split of champagne and I am seriously considering a full bottle next time. So after this delightful meal I realize something - wait! I haven't bought a thing!!! so we find this antique mall and look out! The most beautiful pair of boots are sitting there waiting for me. 60 bux and they are mine. I did however spend an additional $28 to make them look their best. Italian made, Jill Stuart and gorgeous. I have been searching for this pair and nearly paid $200 on a half decent pair of Steve Madden boots. I know, not me at all but they weren't that bad looking on . Anyway here's my antique mall find... 

the toe is perfect, heel is perfect, the length of the overall boot is perfect! i'm in love!!!

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